One of the Celebrate Brooklyn concerts at the Prospect Park Bandshell (photo by hilde.ileana/Flickr)

One of the Celebrate Brooklyn concerts at the Prospect Park Bandshell (photo by hilde.ileana/Flickr)

People come from Brooklyn and beyond to take part in one of my favorite summer Slope activities: the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series held in the Prospect Park bandshell. And unlike the McCarren Park Pool concerts of yore (RIP), when you don’t feel like paying for a ticket, you can have just as much fun picnicking with some friends around the bandshell perimeter, listening to the show and drinking some vino.

For those who aren’t fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Prospect Park (suckers!) there is now a new option for the particularly lazy bikers among you: free valet bike parking.

The “Celebrate Brooklyn Bike Zone” will be right next to the 9th Street entrance to the park, and while there are some useful aspects to the zone, like “Bike Experts” to help with minor repairs like flat tires, and a self-lock zone, why anyone would desire to use the bike valet service is beyond me.

Besides the health and environmental benefits to biking, two of the biggest advantages are speed and convenience. Don’t want to wait for the G train? Ride your bike! Hate getting caught in the post-show herd to the subway station? Fetch your bike and head off at your leisure!

With the valet, you would trade in the subway wait for the wait at the valet, where every other person who used the service will head at the end of the concert. With the time it will take to wait on line for the attendant, you could have retrieved your own self-parked bike and gotten home. And it’s not like Prospect Park is wanting for bike parking; there are plenty of side streets where people regularly park bikes.

And don’t forget what happens with valets (skip to 4:40 if you don’t have time).

So if you really can’t be bothered with locking up your own bike, go ahead. Use the valet. But if it takes you half an hour just to get your bike, and it comes back missing a wheel, remember: you did it to yourself.