Such a pretty truck, but such a hard name to pronounce

Such a pretty truck, but such a hard name to pronounce

When the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck appeared in SoHo last year, I plotted all sorts of ways to sneak out of work early to get a scoop before I had to fight off the tourists. But now, I can sit tight in my office knowing that I’ll only have to fend off swarms of little kids now that the perky yellow truck has migrated to Park Slope. Serious Eats said it is stationed on 7th Ave. and Carroll Street until 8:00 PM and then moves to Union St. and 5th Ave. thereafter, but when I stopped by at 9:00 PM last Friday night, the truck was sitting pretty at 7th Ave. and Garfield Place. It was also gloriously devoid of screaming children.

I ordered my cup of mint chip ($3.95 for a small) and ate while I walked home. The flavor was just a shade too similar to that of my Colgate toothpaste and the consistency was a tad too smooth for my liking since they use chocolate flakes instead of chocolate chips or chunks. However, the ice cream was white, which I approved of (although I understand some people prefer their mint-flavored ice cream to be mint-colored). Overall, I’m sticking with Blue Marble, which I believe is the gold standard for mint chocolate chip ice cream in this city.

And if it’s a weekend afternoon and you’ve decided you are more in the mood for carbs than dairy, there’s always the Wafels and Dinges truck diagonally across the street, at 7th Ave. and Carroll St.


I have never gotten a wafel (or a dinge), but now there’s a third option:


Why pulled pork? I have no idea. But I’m pretty sure it falls outside of what the dessert truck range of expertise should be. The Belgians must be shaking their heads.