I am a twentysomething living in the urban suburbia of North Slope. By day, I toil in the book publishing world; by night, I venture wherever my feet or Metrocard will take me. Often, I dodge strollers along the way, although I have been hit once or twice.

When I’m not going through my list of Books I Need to Read, I’m usually out at a movie theater, concert, or bar, probably somewhere in Brooklyn. I also spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I will be eating next, hence the number of (terrific) food blogs I read.

I love email, so if you have anything you want to tell me – ideas for the blog, obnoxious gripes, my daily horoscope, etc. – let me know at strollerkill@gmail.com. PG-13 only, though, kids. Let’s keep it clean, hm?