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SJP + PPW = SATC 2.0 (BK)

SJP + PPW = SATC 2.0 (BK)

After the needless brouhaha of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick having twins through a surrogate died down, rumors surfaced that the power couple might have purchased a hand-me-down townhouse on Prospect Park West. Rumors are just rumors (hey kids, not everything you hear is true), but there appears to be confirmation that Parker’s production company just optioned the television rights to Amy Sohn’s book Prospect Park West. Basically, it’s Sex and the City after they have kids and move to Brooklyn. Oh wait. They already did that.

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When Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came out, I read the flap copy on my friend’s book and left it at that. But when I saw the trailer for the upcoming Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, #2 in this Creepy Classics series, I was Interested (yes, capital I). Alliteration makes all the difference. And sea monsters? Really? Whatever the author was smoking, I want some. Here’s the book trailer*:

* Since when do books have trailers? And don’t you kind of wish this were a real movie?